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Journaling to Change Your Relationship with Alcohol

The first step to changing your relationship with alcohol isn’t
to cut yourself off.

If you just hide the booze & hibernate you won’t learn how to
be around alcohol without feeling like it’s calling you.


The goal isn’t to restrict yourself from something you want.

The goal is to lessen the desire you have for that thing.

You start to do that by examining your thoughts
around drinking.

I've created journal prompts you can use to get going.

The awareness you gain by doing this journaling will help you see why it’s really
so hard for you to cut back/stop drinking.

Putting down the bottle isn’t the real challenge.

It’s dealing with all the things that come up when you do.


I can help you deal with those things & change your relationship with alcohol FOR GOOD.

You can get to a place where drinking isn’t something you spend time thinking about.

It’s totally possible & I can show you how.

IMPORTANT - Any information contained on this website is not to be taken as a substitute for medical advice.
Claire Cleary is not a provider of alcohol or substance abuse detoxification, recovery, or treatment services.
If you are physically addicted to alcohol, please consult your doctor to receive medical assistance through the detoxification process.

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