Personal Trainer


Personal Training is for you if:

  1. You need help creating an exercise program
    tailored to your goals, abilities & schedule.

  2. You struggle to stick with (or even start) an
    exercise program.

  3. You have past injuries that limit what you can
    do physically.

  4. You’ve been working out a while but aren’t
    seen the results you want.

  5. You’re intimidated by working out at a gym.

  6. You're looking to mix up/add to what you've
    been doing on your own.


Private training provides you with a program that’s tailored to your abilities, goals and schedule. If you have injuries/pains, we’ll address them and/or work around them. If you want to work on something specific (ie, flexibility, strengthening specific muscles), we’ll focus on that. We’ll discuss what you’re doing when you workout on your own, and I’ll design a program that will help you achieve your specific goals.


Whether you want to work out with your husband or with your best friend, semi-private training is ideal for people at the same level and with similar fitness goals. All programs are designed to inspire a motivating and fulfilling team environment while fitting into your busy schedules.


Not able to train with me in person? No problem!
I can work with you virtually, on Zoom. Just like with in-person training, I will design a program to meet your needs, using whatever equipment you have available. 


Unlike any other workout you’ve done before, boot camp programs demand the most to help you achieve your best. If you’re training for an obstacle course race or a Mud Run, my boot camps are designed to help you build the skills and the stamina needed to conquer the challenges you’ll face.

Boot camp classes are also ideal for people looking to burn maximum calories and elevate their metabolism in a competitive and motivating team environment.


* I am COVID vaccinated & boosted *