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1,000 Days Alcohol-Free

I never would have imagined this day would come.

I couldn’t imagine 10 days without drinking.

I wasn’t all in when I first stopped.

I was scared my life would be sad if I wasn’t drinking.

Worried that I would always feel like I was missing out.

Wondered how I would destress, socialize, celebrate without alcohol.

Little by little I bought in...

In to not waking up feeling like crap.

In to not beating myself up.

In to stopping the drama in my head about how much I was drinking.

Little by little I became the person I wanted to be.

In control.

Feeling good.

Not needing a crutch to relax or socialize.

1,000 days later.

I don’t miss it.

Life is still fun.

I know I can do the seemingly impossible.

You can too.




If you want my help to cut back or stop drinking alcohol, let’s talk. I have an 8-week private coaching program that can help you change your life.

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