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We Can All Inspire Someone

There are many famous people—past and present—who are inspiring. People who have: stood up to oppression, helped people in need, accomplished great physical feats, overcome huge obstacles to achieve their dreams. Pioneers. Explorers. Inventors. People who did things in spite of their fears. People who didn't give up when things got tough.

We're usually inspired by people who have achieved great things in areas that are of interest to us. As a Personal Trainer, I am inspired by people who are in awesome shape and those who possess incredible athleticism. As a Life Coach, I am inspired by people who help others change their lives. I am also inspired by entrepreneurs, people who have made a successful career change, and by strong, successful women in general.

I can turn on the tv or go online and find plenty of inspiring people. But, I can also pick up the phone and talk to them, or text them, or meet them for lunch. I've known some of them most of my life. Most probably don't even know they've inspired me (my bad for not letting them know), and some were inspiring me before I realized it (that's you, mom).

These people—who are my family & friends—have made their way through tough times, taken risks, faced their fears, conquered their demons, cared for others, put love first. They've struggled, questioned themselves, felt scared, felt alone. But, they didn't give up. They don't give up. They've achieved things without accolades. And, they continue to achieve things without accolades.

These people are good friends, spouses, parents, siblings, children, mentors, leaders. They've inspired me and, without a doubt, others.

We can ALL inspire someone. You probably already do. Keep that in mind and act accordingly :)

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