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Try this Quick Trick to Motivate Yourself

Do you wish you were better at motivating yourself? People constantly tell me that they are having trouble motivating themselves to do something. Motivation is one of the top things that people struggle with. You probably know what you should do, but have trouble taking action, right?

You know you should exercise, look for a new job, clean out your closet, organize the files on your computer... You just can’t bring yourself to actually do it.

Now’s not a good time. You’re busy. You’re tired. You’re comfortable. Things are fine the way they are. You’ll do it later. Have you told yourself any of those things to put off whatever it is you should be doing?

Try this... Do whatever it is you want to do for 2 minutes. That's it! Just 2 minutes. You can do that, right? Often just starting can give you enough momentum to keep going.

What have you been struggling with? Exercising? Force yourself to just hold a plank, do a few push ups, or a few squats.

Try this with anything. Start organizing your closet or files, or writing your resume, for 2 minutes.

Once you start, you'll be more likely to continue. When the 2 minutes are up, tell yourself you'll do 3 more minutes.

If you aren't motivated to continue, then stop. Acknowledge that whatever you did for 2 minutes wasn't so bad and it was an accomplishment that you motivated yourself. Do it again tomorrow.

Stay consistent. You're making progress! You're better every day :)

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