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How to Avoid Overwhelm and Achieve Balance in Your Life

I've been having a lot of people reach out to me saying they feel overwhelmed and are looking to achieve balance in their lives. This is a BIG topic. So, in order to not overwhelm you any further, I'm going to break down some things you can do into a couple of pieces, in a couple of emails. Here's where we start...

Get a notepad/journal. Write down EVERYTHING that you are thinking about having to do: the things on your To Do List, the things that keep you up at night, whatever makes you feel overwhelmed. Write it ALL down. Take some time to do this. You may wind up going back and adding things to it later too.

Next, separate the list into "Things You Can Control" and "Things You Cannot Control". Your list is only going to be for things you CAN control. So, look at the list of things you cannot control and see how you can turn them into things you can control. For example, I can't control how people respond to the emails/posts/videos I create. I can't control what other people do. But, I can control what I do. So, I can make sure that I ask people what they want help with and create content that addresses their issues. I can do my best to help.

There shouldn't be anything left on your list that you cannot control. If you can't do anything about it, let it go. Use your energy on things you can do something about; don't waste your energy stressing about anything else.

Next, delegate. What on your list can your kids/spouse/someone who reports to you do? They probably won't do it exactly as you would, but that's ok!

Next, share the responsibility. What on your list can you split with someone else? Can you split up a project with a co-worker? Can you carpool so you only have to drive your kids half of the time? Can you arrange playdates? Joint birthday parties for your kids?

Lastly, automate. What systems can you set up to make things easier/automatic in the future? Things like shopping and preparing all your meals for the week on Sunday, so you don't have to go to the store multiple times. Automatic posts, weekly meetings at work.

All of this takes a little time to think about and get going at first, but these few things alone will help you get control of your overwhelming feelings and start you on the way to having a balanced life :)

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