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You Don't Have to Do It All

You don't have to do it all. Just do what matters most.

If you've followed my last post, you created a list of everything that was overwhelming / stressing you out. Then, you removed you cannot control. Next, you delegated some, shared some responsibilities & automated some. Now, you've got your working list of what you have to do. Great.

Next, you need to get clear on your priorities. What's most important to you? Imagine yourself mastering that- what does that look like? What would it take to do that?

Maybe your priority is to be the best mom your children. To you that could mean a lot of involvement. Attending all sports games, picking children up from school and being home with them. It could me instilling certain values in your children; making sure you have open communication and your children. It could mean building smart independence.

Maybe your priority is having a successful career. To you that could mean growing starting your own business; a big team; winning new business; launching a new product...

Go back to your list. What things on your list fall under your priorities? Be discriminating—make sure they will help you be the best. Make sure you include things that help YOU (exercise, quiet time, doctor appointments).

Use this clarity to guide your decision-making process. Only do things that are in-line with your priorities. Things will always come up. Some will be opportunities to do exciting things, but they aren’t things that are your priorities, they won’t move you closer to achieving your goals of being great at whatever it is you want to be great at; some will be things you don’t want to do, but you feel guilty about saying no.

Try saying no-without guilt or regret (this may take practice)-to things that aren't related to your list of priorities. Notice how you feel. And, as you don't try to do it all, but do what matters to you most, notice how your life changes 😀

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