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What to Do When You Lose Passion

Something I hear from a lot people is that they've lost passion for either their job or spouse. They say they want to feel passionate; they used to feel passionate.

I remember feeling that way about a job I had. When I started the job, I thought it was the best job in the world—my dream job. I was so excited about it. But, as the months and years went by, I lost my passion for it. Or, so I thought. Now I know better.

Now I know we control how we feel. By choosing our thoughts, we determine our feelings. It's simple but not always so easy.

Think about whatever it is you've "lost passion" for. Write down all the things you think about it / him.

If it's your job, you may think what you're working on isn't exciting, your co-workers are annoying, your responsibilities are beneath you or too much for what you're getting paid...

If it's your spouse, you may think he doesn't appreciate you, he tells the same, not-so-funny jokes over and over, he doesn't clean up the messes he makes...

Now, think about how you felt when you first started your job / first met your spouse. I bet your thoughts were A LOT different back then.

You thought your job was a great opportunity, it was exciting, the people were interesting...

You thought your spouse was funny, considerate, fun...

You're thoughts have changed. And, as a result, your feelings have changed. Change your thoughts, change your feelings.

What new, positive thoughts can you have about your job / spouse? Really think about it. By simply changing your thoughts, you can reignite your passion!

This is powerful. Take some time to work on it and then, enjoy the results :)

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