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You Still Have Time

In two months, you'll be looking back, thinking about what you did over the past year.

Will you happily remember great trips you took? Be glad you made spending time to with people you love a priority?

Will you look back on this year as the one that you took risks and stepped outside your comfort zone? That you made tough decisions and big changes? Will you look back with pride on the things you accomplished and learned?

Or, will you wonder where the time went? Beat yourself up for not sticking to your resolutions? Regret not doing things you intended to? Wish that you could turn the clock back?

These next two months usually seem to go fast—filled with kids' activities, family obligations, holidays, parties, trips. But, if you haven't done everything you wanted to, there's still time to make this a year that you're excited you had.

Your time is LIMITED. And VALUABLE. Treat it as such.

Don't let your time get filled with things you won't remember.

Don't let yourself get "crazed". Plan it out. Be selective. Be purposeful. Prioritize.

You got this :)


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