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Is Someone Not Living Up to Your Expectations?

Have you ever gotten frustrated because someone didn't act the way you expected him to? Of course you have! 😜 I hear this from people all the time.

We can't control other people. And, giving other people the power to make us feel bad is letting go of the one thing we do have total control of—our own thoughts and feelings.

Think about why you want someone to do something. What does it mean to you? Once you've identified that, then you can:

> Look for evidence elsewhere. Do you want your husband to tell you you look great because you think it means he's still attracted to you and it gives you security about your relationship? Is there other evidence of that? Does he choose to stay in with you rather than going out with the guys? Does he do considerate things that make you feel important and secure?

> Give it to yourself. Think about how you want to feel and how you can make yourself feel that way. What would you be thinking if you felt that way? Can you think that way anyway, regardless of what someone else does? What else can you think that would make you feel the same way?

You'll be able to avoid frustration and feel attractive, confident, secure, happy, etc.—whenever you want—regardless of what other people do. :)

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