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Your Thoughts are Stressing You Out

People often tell me about what they describe as a “stressful situation”. They say work is stressful; family gatherings are stressful…

Situations and things are not stressful. Your thoughts are stressful.

Situations and things are what we think about them. And, we get to choose what we think.

We can choose to think things are stressful, terrible, overwhelming, defeating. But, we can also choose to think they are ironic, challenging, expected, humorous, a chance for us to be our best.

If you’re thinking that your life will be better when you get out of a stressful situation that you’re in, I have great news for you—your life can be better RIGHT NOW. You have the power to make your life better! You just have to choose a different thought.

Rather than feeling stressed because you’re thinking that you have so much work to do, why not feel like a rock star by thinking about how productive you are?

Sometimes we lose sight of our options. Step back and ask yourself, “If I were to feel better about this situation, what would I be thinking?”

Choose thoughts that serve you. And, reap the rewards of a less-stressful life 😁💖

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