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Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Last week, I had someone tell me something I’ve heard from many people before—that she “quit Facebook” because it was making her feel bad about herself. She was comparing her “boring, messy life” to all the seemingly “perfect lives” of others.

We know that people post pictures that make them look happy, fun, attractive, living a glamorous and exciting life, with friends and family to match, because they want to portray themselves that way. They want to BE that way. Who can blame them?!

Logically, we know that no one’s life is perfect. But, we still compare our whole life—the good, not so good, and downright ugly—to the highlights of others.

We tell ourselves that we’re not as far along or as put together as we should be. We should be doing a better job of everything: growing a business; making money; parenting; volunteering; looking good; being fit; being a good spouse, sister/brother, daughter/son, friend. But, it’s not true.

Let go of the comparisons and tension. You’re doing an excellent job of being you! So, relax and enjoy yourself. As Oscar Wilde advised: Be yourself, everyone else is already taken ☺️

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