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Live in every moment

How much of your time do you spend multi-tasking? How much time do you spend thinking about things you have to do? How much time do you spend looking forward to something in the future?

And, how often are you truly present—focused on what you are doing; paying attention to the details; experiencing all of the activity and emotions surrounding you and filling you up?

We often rate our lives based on the highlights—the big accomplishments, disappointments, adventures. But, our lives are made up of an infinite number of smaller, seemingly less significant moments. Every day is filled with those moments. They provide us with an infinite number of chances to experience joy, gratitude, happiness, love… How amazing is that??

Make the most of those moments. Put down the phone. Turn off the tv. Pay attention to who you’re with, what you’re doing, how you’re showing up. Focus on NOW.

Live in every moment. Love your life.

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