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Take Control of Your Life by Saying "No"

Do you find yourself saying “Yes” to almost anyone who asks you to do something? Do you wind up doing a lot of things you’d rather not be doing? I hear this from a lot of people. They are running around, over-committed, trying to get everything done, feeling overwhelmed, stressed, annoyed and exhausted. Does that sound like a good way to live?

Maybe you aren’t over-committed to that extreme, but you agree to do things that you don’t want to because you want to be nice, helpful, a team player. Maybe you feel obligated to say “Yes” when certain people ask things of you.

Keep this in mind: Saying “Yes” to something means saying “No” to something else. This may not be apparent at the time you say “Yes”, but it will become apparent later.

You may think you can get everything done, so it’s not a big deal to agree to do something else. Maybe you can get everything you committed to doing done for other people, but what about time for YOU and YOUR PRIORITIES? Down time. Time for self-care. Time for your friends and family. Time to exercise, read a book, take a walk, organize your closets, garden, work on your own business / hobby.

Your time is valuable—and limited! Figure out your priorities. How do you want to spend your LIMITED time? Saying “Yes” to someone else’s priorities or to your own? You’ll love your life when you take control of your life. So, why not start now?

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