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Want to Be More Interesting? Here's How...

Since we were kids, we’ve wanted people to be interested in us & what we were doing. We called out to our parents, “Watch me! Watch me!” while we performed tiny feats of mastery, in our opinion. We were conditioned to get approval & praise for the things did.

As adults, we still want people to be interested in us—to like and think highly of us. We try to make good first impressions. We rehearse “elevator pitches”. And, the importance of being interesting has only magnified with social media, where how interesting we are is seemingly determined by how many Likes and followers we have, and visible for all the world to see.

We post something and then check back on it to see what kind of response we’ve gotten. Did people Like it? Did anyone comment? Did we get more followers?

So, how do we become interesting?? Ironically enough, when we are interested in things other than ourselves, we become interesting. When we are interested in a topic, we learn about it and then have knowledge to share. When we are interested in an activity, we participate in it and gain experience to share. When we are interested in people, we ask them questions and learn about their lives, which often gives us new information and perspective.

Give it a try—approach things with interest: study; participate; ask questions. Notice how all of this makes not only makes your life richer, but makes you more interesting as well.

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