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5 Common Fears about Drinking Less

Fear can keep you from doing something. It can make you doubt yourself. It can cause you to quit trying.

Fear is NORMAL when doing something new. Fear is NORMAL when thinking about drinking less if you've been struggling to cut back. 

Fear comes from thinking about the WORST-CASE scenario.

But what if the BEST-CASE SCENARIO is possible?

Fear: Missing the fun What if...You still have fun without drinking alcohol

Fear: People will judge you What if... They don’t care What if...You don’t care

Fear: You won’t be able to relax without alcohol What if...You can

Fear: Your relationships will change What if... They don’t What if... That’s ok

Fear: Feeling self-conscious at a bar/party What if... You gain confidence from not drinking

When you notice yourself feeling fear, ask yourself what you're afraid of. Then, think of the best-case scenario & ask yourself, "What if that's possible?" Focus on that.

You can do it. Stick with it.

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