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8 People. 8 Different Opinions

Imagine... You’re going to a party.

You buy a new outfit. You get your hair & makeup done. You’re excited for a night out.

You walk into the event feeling good. You take a few steps into the room & pause to look around.

8 people turn & look at you.

There is a woman who loves your outfit. She nods her approval.

Another woman thinks you look like her best friend from college. She smiles at you.

A man thinks you look like his ex-wife, whom he detests. He snarls at you & turns around.

Another man thinks you’re hot. He raises his eyebrows & smiles at you.

A woman stares you up & down. She doesn’t like your outfit. She gives you a disapproving look.

One woman loves your hair.

Another woman hates your hair.

Your friend smiles & waves at you. She is happy to see you.

One you. 8 different thoughts about you.

What did you think when you saw this picture? Did you think I looked strong? Did you think I was showing off? Maybe you were inspired. Maybe you were turned off.

Most of us spend a lot of time trying to control what other people think of us. But, we can’t control what other people think.

8 different people will have 8 different thoughts about the same thing. 100 people may have 100 different thoughts. And, their thoughts are all about THEM. Not you.

Their thoughts are based on their beliefs, experiences & opinions. It really has nothing to do with you.

At first you may think this is a bad thing. You may still want to try to influence them. But, it’s kind of a relief when you realize you can’t control other people’s thoughts about you. It sets you free to just be yourself ❤️

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