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Are You in Conflict with Someone?

Do you feel like someone is annoying you? Infuriating you? Disappointing you? Making you feel upset? Making you feel guilty? Do you wish you could change that person? Of course you do! If you could just get that person to act differently, you would feel so much better!

The problem is...we can’t change other people. It makes perfect sense to us that they should act differently. We try to change them. We try to reason with them. We try to manipulate them. We hope they will change on their own. But, it almost always just leads to frustration.

The good news is that even though you can’t change other people you CAN change your relationship with them and you can change how you feel. You can control your thoughts and attitude, and they control EVERYTHING. This is a simple concept, yet not always easy to master. If you take the time to work on it, you can not only improve your relationships, but improve your life 😀

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