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Are You Stuck in an Unhappy Situation?

I talk to so many people who are unhappy in a relationship or job but don’t make any effort to make a change. People tell me they’re miserable. They’re stressed. Their health is suffering, their other relationships are suffering, the quality of their life is suffering. Yet, they stay where they are. It might sound crazy, but maybe you can relate.

Maybe you know what it feels like to feel stuck, aggravated, drained. Maybe you know what it feels like to want things to be different than they are. You want to feel love, appreciation & respect; you want to be loved, appreciated & respected.

You may wonder what happened to get you where you are. You look back to when things were good and you were happy. You want to get back there but you don’t know how; you don’t think it’s possible. But, you’re also not sure if you make a change.

You’re not happy, but you’re used to it. You’re used to the stress, frustration, lack of love and excitement. You’ve been dealing with it. If you make a change, it’s going to be hard. You’re not sure it’ll be worth it. You’re not sure you want to handle it. You not sure you can handle it. So, you stay where you are, and keep doing what you’ve been doing.

What if making a change won’t be easy, but it will result in the relationship or job of your dreams? What if you could be genuinely happy, fulfilled and excited? You don’t even have to leave your relationship or job to make a significant change in how you feel. You can change your relationship or job simply by changing yourself.

You may not want to take responsibility for the way things are, but if you do, you can change them. You have the power. Think about it. Make a change. Be happy 🙂

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