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Being Different from Everyone Else

When I was young I had a best friend.

We liked & disliked the same people, music, shows, things.

Went to the same school & camp.

We wore the same clothes.

We liked being the same.

Our sameness made things comfortable & easy.

It’s easy to like people who are like us & easy to be liked by people who are like us.

This can make it scary to be different.

Have different opinions.

Like different things.

Look different.

Do things differently.

What if people don’t like you if you’re different?

But...what if people like you even if you are different?

What if people like you for you?

And, here’s the most important question:

What if it didn’t matter if people liked you?

What if you liking you was enough?

So many of us spend our time worried about what other people think of us. It’s such a waste of time!

Instead, spend some time working on liking yourself—unconditionally. Give yourself the approval, compassion & encouragement that you are wanting from other people. I promise it will change your life.

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