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How to Get Motivated

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

I heard from a woman who said she has zero energy or motivation.

She’s at her heaviest weight.

She drinks too much.

She talks herself out of things she knows she should be doing.

She wants help with willpower & motivation.

She wants tips & tricks.

She’s been asking people on social media for advice.

She wonders if a doctor can prescribe her something.

She thinks if she had close family or friends nearby she’d do better.

Want to change your life?

Don’t use willpower.

Or tips & tricks.

Don’t follow a few sentences of advice from a stranger on social media.

Or try a prescription.

Here’s the best piece of advice you can get: Stop looking for things to make you feel motivated.

Motivation comes from your thoughts. Not external things.

Motivation comes from thinking about achieving your goal.

Imaging who you’ll become & how you’ll feel when you get it.

You’ll be successful, strong, proud, badass.

You’ll have achieved something you weren’t sure was possible.

You will be different.

Your life will be different.

THAT’S the motivation.

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