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We spend a lot of time trying to control lots of things: other people, situations.

Unfortunately, we can’t control other people.

They can do whatever they want—even if we don’t approve.

And, we can’t control situations either.

Things we need will break.

It will rain on vacation.

Traffic jams will make us late…

But, life can still be amazing.

Trying to control other people or circumstances just results in feelings of frustration.

You don’t need people or circumstances to be a certain way for you to feel ok.

You can control your thoughts, which means you can control your feelings.

And, you can control your actions.

You’re not a victim.

Other people will do things you wish they didn’t.

Things won’t go as you planned.

But that doesn’t mean you have to feel upset or annoyed.

You can choose to think thoughts that make you feel ok, or even good about your situation.

You are in control.

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