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Do It For Your Future Self

Think about things you’ve done that you would thank your past self for doing.

Things that resulted in your life being better today.

Ended a relationship that wasn’t right for you.

Locked in the relationship that was right for you.

Stopped smoking.

Got a degree.

Asked for a promotion.

Made a career change.

Bought a house.

Put money into a 529.

Things that may have been really hard to do at the time.

But you’re so glad you did them.

Because now you’re reaping the rewards.

What can you do today that your future self will be thankful for?

Take control of your drinking.

Imagine if in a year you no longer:

Break promises to yourself over & over.

Wonder what’s wrong with you.

Feel like crap in the morning.

Beat yourself up.

Loathe yourself.

Feel shame.

How great would that be?

You can do that for the future you.

Do the hard work now so your future self can have a better life.

Give her that gift.

She’ll be so grateful.

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