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Feeling Like Crap

Recently, I was having lots of negative, unproductive thoughts.

So of course, I felt like crap.

I knew my thoughts weren’t helping me.

I knew I could choose other thoughts that would make me feel better.

But, I couldn’t let the negative ones go.

They seemed so true.

I got coached this morning & I fought hard for those thoughts.

My coach offered up other points of view—arguably better points of view.

I could see their validity but I wasn’t all in on them.

Did I want to be right—even at my own expense?

I’m not sure.

Even with all the coaching I’ve done, sometimes it’s still hard work to manage my thoughts.

Managing our thoughts isn’t always easy.

Sometimes, we want to feel like crap, and that’s ok.

Other times, we feel like crap—even fight to feel like crap—but we don’t really want to.

We want to feel better.

We want to move forward.

Improve a relationship.

Improve ourselves.

To do all of that, we need to choose better thoughts.

Thoughts that serve us & that we believe.

Believing them is key.

If you’re having thoughts that are having negative effects on you & you can’t buy into ones that make you feel great, look for thoughts you believe that make you feel SOMEWHAT better.

Then, gradually use other thoughts that bring you closer to feeling great.

It may take some time, but this is a process you can use over & over again that will enable you to take control of how you feel and improve your life.

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