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Feeling Stuck

I used to feel stuck.

I wondered if I would ever get unstuck.

Be as happy as I wanted to be.

I was doubtful.

If I had broken down the different parts of my life, I actually wasn’t stuck in all of them.

But, stuck was the general feeling I had.

It weighed me down.

It made everything seem hard.



Which closed my mind.

Kept me from trying new things.

And from being optimistic.

That’s what happens when you feel stuck.

You dig yourself into a hole.

Then it starts getting filled in with challenges, complications, doubts, fears, excuses.

Until you can’t see your way out.

So, you stay stuck down there.

But what if there was an easy way to make progress towards getting out?

What if it wasn’t complicated? What would you do?

Ask yourself that.

Drop all the rest for now & focus on the next easy step.

You got this.

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