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Hanging on to Something That's Not Doing You Any Good

Updated: May 10, 2022

I have clothes in my closet I don’t love.

Some aren’t very flattering.

Some I’ve owned for years.

I’m sick of them.

When I’m deciding what to wear, I never want to choose them.

Yet I don’t get rid of them.

I think I should keep them because they’re still in good condition.

I might have hardly worn them & feel guilty getting rid of them.

They still fit.

They might come back in style.

They take up space.

I have a negative reaction to them.

Yet I hang on to them.

I’m betting you can relate.

You know what it’s like to hang on to something that’s not doing you any good.

We hang on to beliefs that aren’t doing us any good the same way.

We tell ourselves we’re not good at certain things.

We’ll never be able to stop drinking, lose the weight, find love.

They take up space in our brains.

They limit us.

They make us feel crappy.

Yet we hang on to them.

Fight for them to be true.

What if you got rid of those unhelpful thoughts?

Made space for better ones.

Powerful ones.

Thoughts that make you feel motivated.




How would that change things for you?

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