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Is today the day?

The day you’ll look back on as the day you decided to finally commit to your goal.

To sticking with it no matter what.

No matter how scared you feel.

Or how much you might not want to do the work.

Or how many times you tried in the past.

You can make today the day you start.

And tomorrow the day you continue.

And next week the day you keep going.

You can do it.

Imagine a year from now...

How far you’ll have come.

How great you’ll feel.



You’ll thank yourself for all you’ve done.

You’ll be a different person.

A person who blew her own mind with what she achieved.

A person who knows she can do anything she sets her mind to.

Make today the day.

Decide & commit.

And have your own back when it gets hard.

Remind yourself that you’re stronger than you think.

You can do it.

Remind yourself why you want this.

What your life will be like when you’ve achieved your goal.

What you’ll be like.

Make today the day.

Mark your calendar.

You got this.

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