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Journal Prompts to Change Your Relationship with Alcohol

The first step to changing your relationship with alcohol isn’t to cut yourself off.

If you just hide the booze & hibernate you won’t learn how to be around alcohol without feeling like it’s calling you.

The goal isn’t to restrict yourself from something you want.

The goal is to lessen the desire you have for that thing.

You start to do that by examining your thoughts around drinking.

Use these journal prompts to get you going:

1) Why do you want to change your relationship with alcohol?

Ie. I feel like crap in the morning; it’s keeping me from being as productive as I want to be

2) Why do you like to drink?

Ie It helps me relax; it’s a fun thing to do socially

3) What fears do you have about cutting back/stopping?

Ie. Life won’t be fun; I will feel like I’m missing out; I’ll lose friends

4) Imagine the future you who has a new relationship with alcohol. What does that look like? (What has improved? What are your thoughts about alcohol? How do you feel?)

Ie. I have more energy. I feel good about myself. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about drinking. I feel happy that I can have fun at a party without drinking and also not have to worry the next day that I said/did something stupid.

This awareness will help you see why it’s really so hard for you to cut back / stop drinking.

I can help you deal with those things & change your relationship with alcohol FOR GOOD.

You can get to a place where drinking isn’t something you spend time thinking about.

It’s totally possible & I can show you how.

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