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Living in the Moment

How much of your time do you spend multi-tasking?

Thinking about all the things you have to do.

Looking forward to something in the future.

Running on auto-pilot. And, how often are you truly present?

Focused on what you are doing.

Paying attention to the details.

Experiencing all of the activity & emotions surrounding you & filling you up. We often rate our lives based on the highlights—the big accomplishments, disappointments, experiences.

But, our lives are made up of an infinite number of smaller, seemingly less-significant moments.

They provide us with an infinite number of chances to experience joy, gratitude, happiness, love.

Every day is filled with these moments.

We just need to stop & notice them. Put down the phone.

Focus on the present.

Feel grateful for the moment.

Where you are.

Who you’re with.

What you’re doing.

Practice doing that.

Watch what happens.

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