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New Year's Resolutions

All the New Year’s resolutions you’ve made...

To drink less.

Workout more.

Eat healthier.

Be more productive.

Work on your marriage.

You start out strong & you’re proud of yourself.

But a few weeks go by & you start to lose motivation.

It gets harder to stick with it.

By March you’re back to drinking more than you feel good about.

You’re paying for a gym membership you don’t use.

You’re eating more than you said you would.

Getting to the end of the day & feeling like you didn’t accomplish anything.

Feeling frustrated with your spouse.

Feeling like a failure.

It’s not your fault.

And it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your goal.

You were just using the wrong approach.

For long-term results you need to examine & deal with your thoughts & feelings around what you are trying to do.

You will never achieve your goal if your thoughts & feelings aren’t supporting it.

4 years ago I achieved my goal of stopping drinking alcohol.

I’m not special.

Things aren’t easier for me.

I just used the right approach.

I can teach it to you.

I can help you achieve your goals for good.

Without relying on willpower.

Or feeling deprived.

Or like your life is sad.

Once you learn this approach, you can use it to accomplish anything you want.

Imagine the possibilities.

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