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No Good Options

I was talking to a woman who was trying to decide if she should leave her husband.

She not as in love or happy with him as she wants to be, but she’s worried her kids will be mad at her & people in town will shun her if she leaves him.

No wonder she’s having trouble making a decision! She’s choosing between what seem like 2 bad options. She’s damned if she stays; damned if she goes.

This comes up a lot with relationships & jobs. People don’t love where they are, but they’re scared the grass won’t be any greener somewhere else so they’re hesitant to make a change.

If you are in this predicament right now, ask yourself, “If I could be happy in either situation, which do I choose?” It becomes a win-win situation. You get to choose the option you really want, not the one that sounds less bad.

You may think there’s no way that you can love your spouse more or be happier in your job, but if you want to, you can.

You can also decide to feel good about leaving your job/husband—even if people don’t agree with your decision.

You may think these options are impossible but they’re not.

You have the power to control how you feel.

Your feelings are determined by your thoughts & you control your thoughts.

You may be resistant to this concept.

You may feel you really are stuck—that you have no good options & other people & situations control how you feel.

Here’s my tough love: Those thoughts are keeping you safe from having to make uncomfortable decisions & take scary actions; they’re making you a victim in your own life.

You can fight to prove those thoughts are true & stay stuck.

Or, you can open yourself up to new possibilities that can help you improve—& even love—your life.

If you want help seeing new options & making decisions, DM me to learn about my 3-month private coaching program. It’ll help you get unstuck & love your life J

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