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One Day This Will Be a Memory

You know when you look back on something & think, “That seems like a lifetime ago”?

You imagine being back at that time & memories start flooding in.

You remember things that were so significant at the time—events, feelings, people.

Things that were tough: Loss, struggles, disappointment.

Things that were great: Trips, friends, a new job, new love.

All of it now is just a memory.

Just like all of what’s happening now will one day be a memory.

Some of you may say, “Good. I can’t wait for this year to be over.”

But one day you’ll look back & there will be something you’ll miss.

As someone in midlife, I’m already doing that.

Missing things I once had.

Old friends.

Endless energy.

A body without limitations & pains.

Tight skin.

A carefree life.


The years ahead of me.

Focusing on all the things you think are going wrong right now will cause you stress & suffering. It does nothing to solve the problems.

Focusing on the things you’re grateful for will bring you peace.

How will you choose to spend your time?

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