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Planning for next year

Are you starting to think about what you want to do next year? Do you think about what you want & then doubt you’ll be able to do it?

If you think back 10 years, would you have imagined that you would be where you are now, having done what you’ve done?

You’ve gained new skills, knowledge, confidence, interests that you didn’t have a decade—or even just a year—ago. And (almost certainly), you will continue to develop.

What would you love to do?

Start your own business?

Lose 20 lbs?

Stop drinking alcohol?

Are you thinking that you won’t be able to because you never have before?

Don’t limit your dreams based on your past or where you are & what you’re capable of right now. There are things you can do now that you couldn’t have done in the past. Why? You’re different now than you were then.

You’ve developed, experienced & learned new things.

So, when you think about what’s possible for you, look ahead & put yourself in the mindset of that future you. Ask yourself what that advanced version of you is capable of. Then get to work on reaching your fullest potential

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