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Take the 1st Step

It’s frustrating & upsetting to want to change but not be able to.

To not know what to do.

To have tried to change but not been able to stick with it.

To be scared of changing.

To be scared of not changing.

To be torn between the two.

When you want to regain control over how much you drink.

Or how much you eat.

Or workout.

When you want to regain enthusiasm for your relationship.

Or your job.

Or your life.

Think about your life 5 years from now.

What will it look like if you don’t make the change?

What if you do?

You may wonder if there’s hope for you.

There is.


I know it’s scary to take the first step.

I’ve been there.

But the first step can just be talking to me about it.

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