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The Best Version of You

The best version of you.

The one who’s confident.





Can you imagine her?

The you who’s in control of your drinking.

Lost the weight.

Enjoys spending time with your spouse.

Doesn’t snap at your kids.

Is excited about your life.

She might be the Future You.

But she’s still you.

You have it in you to become her.

Envision her.

What does she think about?

How does she spend her day?

How does she interact with people?

Imagine the you that is in control of your drinking...

She wouldn’t spend her time thinking about drinking.

She wouldn’t wake up feeling like shit.

She would feel good about herself.

Confident she can handle circumstances without relying on alcohol.

Imagine the best version of you.

Practice thinking her thoughts.

Feeling her feelings.

Doing what she does.

This is the way to become her.

Start to embody her now.

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