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What If It Was Easy?

On was on the Peloton bike, grinding away, thinking how hard it was.

I was tired.

My legs felt heavy.

My quad was seizing up.

I kept thinking, This sucks.

This is hard.

I want to stop.

I reminded myself of when I ran cross country.

That was a mind game.

You’re in the woods, often by yourself, chugging along.

I used to have the same thoughts.

This sucks.

This is hard.

I want to stop.

What if I twisted my ankle & had to stop?

But then I came up with a game...

I’d tell myself:

This is easy.

I got this.

I have more energy.

I’ve been saving my power.

I’m about to make my big move.

I didn’t know it then, but I was tapping into the power of changing my mindset.

What are you trying to do but telling yourself is hard?

Exercise regularly.

Stop drinking so much

Stick to a healthy diet.

Start your own business.

Feel happy in your marriage.

What if you started telling yourself it’s easy?

That you got this.

How do you think it would change what you’re trying to do?

Don’t believe it’s easy?

That’s because you’ve been telling yourself it’s hard for so long!

Start practicing new thoughts that serve you better.

Give it a week.

See if you start to believe it.

See how it changes how you feel.

See how it changes what you do.

See how it changes your results.

You got this.

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