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What If You're Wrong?

When you’re sure of something.

That someone likes you as much as you like them.

That you’re the perfect candidate & will get a job offer.

But you’re wrong.

You get dumped.

You don’t get the job.

You’re shocked.

You wonder how you could have been so wrong.

There are other things you’re sure of.

You’ll never be able to stop drinking.

You’ll never lose the weight.

You won’t be able to start over.

What if you’re wrong about that too?

You can stop drinking.

You can lose the weight.

You can start over.

You find it almost impossible to imagine.

But, what if it IS possible?

What if it doesn’t matter that you haven’t done it before?

What if it doesn’t matter that you are full of doubt & fear?

You can still do it.

I believe in you ❤️

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