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Where Will You Be a Year from Now?

This morning I worked out with my cousin. She was in a horrific car accident last year. Her transformation over the past year has been nothing short of incredible.

How did she get to where she is now? One small step at a time.

Of course there was a goal to get her fully recovered, but we weren’t focused about what she’d be doing in a year. We were focused on what she could do in the present & in next hour or the next day.

This is the way to achieve any goal. Have a vision of what you want, but focus on what you can do now. Ask yourself, “What is the next thing I can do to move me towards my goal?”

Often, our goal is so big we think we’ll never be able achieve it.

It seems overwhelming. We think it’ll be too much work.

And, we’re impatient. We think it’ll take too long.

But if you break down what you need to do & focus on the next thing, you’ll start to make progress. And, one step at a time, you’ll get to your goal.

The time will pass no matter what. Wouldn’t it be better to have achieved your goal when you get to the end of a year even if it took longer than you would have liked?

Just start. “A year from now you may wish you had started today.” -Karen Lamb

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