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You Can Get to That Place.

You can get to a place where you’re totally fine having only one or two drinks.

Where you’re totally comfortable at a party without drinking.

Where whether you drink or not is no big deal.

Where you aren’t wishing you could have a drink & are holding yourself back.

Where you aren’t making rules & negotiating with yourself about how much you can drink.

Where you wake up & aren’t pissed at yourself for drinking more than you said you would.

Sounds great, right?

It is.

Sounds unimaginable, right?

It’s not.

You can get to that place.

Even if you’ve never gone more than a week without drinking.

Even if you’ve tried to limit your drinking before.

Even if you believe you really do need to drink to unwind at the end of the day.

Or at a party to fully enjoy it.

Or on vacation to have fun.

I used to believe all of those things.

They kept me trapped, needing to drink to feel my best or escape the worst.

Now I know I don’t need to drink to do either.

I get to enjoy my life & wake up without beating myself up.

You can get there too.

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