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You can go on vacation, not drink alcohol & have a great time

You can go on vacation, not drink alcohol & have a great time.

Don’t believe it?

I wouldn’t have believed it either a few years ago.

But, I just did it.

Vacations & drinking used to go hand in hand.

I couldn’t have imagined not having drinks poolside.

At the beach.

With dinner.

On our balcony.

A light beer.

A “fun” cocktail.

A cool glass of white wine.

I just spent 5 days in Aruba without any of it.

I had a few moments of remembering how I used to drink on vacation.

Some were good memories.

Some weren’t.

I didn’t miss it.

I was fine not drinking.

I felt better in the morning.

Not hungover.

Happy with myself.

I had a great time.

Life without booze isn’t sad.

I still have fun.

And, I remember the fun I have!

If you’ve been thinking about cutting back your drinking but are worried your life will be sad & not fun, then you’re envisioning feeling restricted—wanting something you’re not allowed to have. Fighting urges.

That’s not how I stopped drinking.

That’s not how I help people cut back.

I’ll help you lessen your desire for alcohol.

You won’t feel like you’re missing out when you don’t drink.

You won’t be thinking about whether you’re going to drink or not.

It won’t be big deal.

Let’s talk about how your life would change if you got control of your drinking & how I can help make that happen.

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