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You wake up in the morning & feel a pit in your stomach

You drank more than you wanted to last night.


Shame washes over you.


Fear that you might have said or done something you’ll regret.

Despair that you can’t get a handle on this.

You just want drinking to not be a big deal.

You don’t want to think about it so much.

You want to be able to have 1 or 2 glasses of wine & be fine with that.

Why can’t it be like that?

It seems to be like that for most other people.

Why not you?

It can be like that for you.

You can get to a point where it’s not a big deal.

By lessening your desire for alcohol you eliminate the drama around it.

I can help you do that.

You’ll be able to take it or leave it.

And wake up without regrets.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

I know the thought of asking for help is scary.

I know what you’re going through.

I got you.

Let’s talk.

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