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You Want to Change

You want to change.

You want to be better.

Do things that make you feel better.

But it’s hard to do.

You make it EVEN HARDER by...

Relying on willpower.

Beating yourself up for “messing up”.

Comparing yourself to others who seem to have it all together.

Thinking you’ll never be able to do it & giving up.

This leads to shame & discouragement (NOT motivating!).

That is NOT the way to feel good & make long-lasting changes.


ADDRESS THE REASONS you’re struggling to change. What’s keeping you from making the change? What are your thoughts about making the change?

HAVE COMPASSION for yourself.

ACKNOWLEDGE your progress & strengths. You are probably minimizing progress you made & things you are good at. What are they? Build on that!

LEARN what works & what doesn’t and make adjustments to what you’re doing.


You can do this.

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