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Your Perfectionist Tendencies Are Holding You Back

I know a lot of you call yourselves perfectionists. I can relate.

It’s funny because I know I’m nowhere near perfect—and will never be—but I guess I still try to be.

But, trying to be perfect is hard.

And exhausting.

And stressful.

And, it keeps us from living the life of our dreams.

One of my mentors says that perfectionists are people who are scared to take action.

We’re scared to put anything—including ourselves—out into the world because we fear rejection.

We hold our products or ourselves back under the guise of not be perfect YET, when actually we’re scared of making a mistake & being judged.

Does this resonate with you? It did with me. I had it all:

Fear of failure? Yup.

Fear of being judged? Definitely.

Self-doubt? Oh yeah.

I’ve let all of these hold me back.

But, for the past few years I’ve been working on letting go of that fear so I can live the life of my dreams. Allowing myself to release “less-than-perfect” work so that it actually gets out to help people, as opposed to the work that sits on my computer, waiting to be perfect, not helping anyone.

It’s scary, but it’s also freeing and exciting.

What about you—are you letting fear of making a mistake & being rejected hold you back from living the life of your dreams?

What if you could get everything you’ve ever wanted but you had to make 100 mistakes to get it? Would you do it?

Would you make 500 mistakes?

What’s your dream life worth?

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