November 16, 2018

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Get Happier Now

June 8, 2018

Do you wish you were happier? 


Do you think if you had a better job / spouse / house, your life would be better and you'd be happier? 

Do you think if you lost 10 pounds / achieved more / met the person of your dreams, that your life would be better and you'd be happier?


Maybe. But, it's NOT that your life would change; it's that your THOUGHTS would change. And, if your thoughts change, how you feel changes.


If you are unhappy now, it's because of what you're thinking. You can be happier right now. You just need to change your thoughts. Give it a try...



Identify the thought that's causing you to feel not so great. Give yourself options for other thoughts that would better serve you. Choose one that you believe. Notice how your life changes 😁

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