"Working with Claire was an incredibly valuable experience. I had tried so many times over the years to reduce my drinking. I would do well for a while, but then quickly fall back into old habits. Claire made me realize that my many attempts in the past to quit/reduce drinking relied on willpower alone. And she pointed out that willpower is not a sustainable solution. Instead Claire taught me to question my wants and habits and work toward changing my thoughts about alcohol and drinking situations.

I'm very pleased with where I am now and have never been so hopeful about being able to permanently stick with my reduced drinking goals."

- Lisa B.

"Through our sessions I feel like I gained perspective that changed how I view my relationships: professional relationships, my marriage, and most importantly, my relationship with myself! I feel more in control, confident, and ready for the steps in my life than I have ever been. The experience was invaluable!"

- Mandy H.

"I was dealing with lingering emotional issues, trying to better my own emotional connection with family members. I had tried things on my own, but really needed her professional expertise and coaching skills to help me understand where I could do more, and how I could change my own thoughts and feelings. I was stuck in a rut. Claire helped me to break my negative patterns of thought. Claire was patient, forthright and understanding. The coaching was full of examples I could relate to—I found this very important when trying to grasp a new concept. I recommend Claire and her work to anyone." 
- Lisa W.

"I have been having regular one-on-one Zoom sessions with Claire for approximately two months. Claire has worked with me in regards to a new way of thinking about my work, this has helped shift my focus. I now go in looking for the good every day, looking to be part of it and wanting to deliver The change in my attitude towards work then flowed into other areas in my life: food intake, exercise, and relationships."

- Tim H.

"I found our weekly life coaching sessions helped me to look at my life with purpose. Since we started meeting, I am able to get the most out of every day—I have more energy and am more productive!"

- Amanda H.

"The thing with Claire is that she truly cares about YOU, and your success! She pushes you to be your best. Whether it’s a follow-up text message checking on you, a personal challenge between you and her, you get so much more than the one-hour session, because she CARES! If you are going to have a relationship with a coach, she's the one you want! I am sure all of her clients would agree with me.”

- John G.

"Working with Claire has given me a new perspective on good health. It's not just about losing weight, it includes eating well, building muscle, and developing good habits. I lost 26 pounds working with Claire and the self-confidence I have gained is immeasurable. Claire is an awesome trainer -- she will push you to your limit and you will see results. Whether increasing your weights, suggesting a diet plan or planning off-day exercises, Claire is thoughtful, encouraging, and relentless in helping your meet your goals."

- Julie F. 

“What I find so gratifying about working with Claire is how we maximize our time together. I have a very busy schedule between work and family and I want to know that the short amount of time I do have to work out is well spent. Claire has consistently arranged our workouts in this regard, so that I always leave feeling great and that I’ve gotten the most out of them. There are those who think that working with a trainer is just too expensive, but when you factor in all the intangibles as well as the overriding desire to stay fit, I truly feel that it is money well spent!”

- Mike T.

“I’ve been working out on my own for years and eventually let my busy schedule sometimes give me the excuse not to work out. I finally decided to get fit with a personal trainer. At my gym the turnover among personal trainers was high and I was slightly intimated about how to go about the process of finding a trainer best-suited for me. After doing research, I found that there is little accreditation within the fitness industry – basically, anyone can call themselves a personal trainer if they choose. I was fortunate to eventually find Claire Cleary who customized a workout built for me around the goals I sought. I have been working out with Claire for nearly two years now and she is the only trainer I’ve seen who tracks and records my progress. She also always suggests healthy eating options for me as well. Working with Claire is not just a smart use of my time, but it is an investment in myself as well.”

- Vinnie K.

“Working with Claire has been a life-changing experience. Not only has she helped me lose 50 lbs after my second daughter was born, but she has taught and motivated me to live a healthier lifestyle without feeling starved or spending hours in the gym everyday. Claire’s workouts are challenging and fun. She uses many different techniques, which keep things interesting and helped me achieve my goals quickly and efficiently. She is extremely knowledgeable about the effects of different workouts as well as proper nutrition for your personal needs. She is fun and easy to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone serious about losing weight and/or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

- Leila H.

“Working out with Claire has helped me transform my body. She is so great at motivating me and providing me the information and encouragement to help me change my life. I wish I had met Claire and made this investment in myself 15 years ago. I look and feel so much better than I did in my 20’s and I am 40 now!”

- Alyssa G.

“I just celebrated my 1 yr anniversary with Claire. I’m 20 lbs lighter and 3 sizes smaller. Claire’s constant commitment to health and fitness has showed me what eating good food and exercise can do for me. I have energy, my mind is clear, and I feel strong. I feel like I can take on the world, or my two kids, lol! You’ve changed my life. Thank you Claire!”

- Bu K.

"Claire goes above and beyond to help her clients achieve results. With her support, I trimmed my body fat from 22.5% to 18.8% in just a few months – simply by increasing my strength training and cutting down on my cardio. She introduced me to a variety of exercise techniques including TRX, new ways of clean eating including her fun Shakeology challenge and overall ways to improve my form for optimal results. I always look forward to my training sessions with Claire and was amazed at how far I could push myself with her encouragement and guidance.”

- Joanna D.