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Feeling Pressure? It's All in Your Mind.

I see examples of this a lot—with my clients and with myself. We feel pressure because we’re worried about getting something (or the many things we have to do) done. We worry we won’t be able to do it because we don’t have enough time, or because we’ve never done it before, or it’s too difficult.

The next time you feel pressure, notice what you’re thinking. It ALWAYS comes back to what we are thinking.

Sometimes we think that other people, circumstances, events control our feelings. It seems like they make us feel pressured, stressed, bad, guilty, etc. But, they don’t.

Our thoughts control our feelings. This is great news: you control your thoughts, therefore, you control your feelings.

The next time you feel pressure, challenge yourself to come up with a different thought that makes you feel better. Think about how proud/excited/great you’ll feel when you do get it done.

Improve your thoughts, improve your life 😀

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