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Free Yourself from Frustration

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone acted and things happened the way we’d like them to? A world centered around what we want? Perfect! We can laugh at the impossibility of it, but we spend a lot of time wishing it was true. Wishing people or circumstances were different. Or, trying to change them. But, instead of creating our dream reality, we’re just wasting time and getting frustrated.

When we accept that people will act however they want and that circumstances are out of our control, it frees us from frustration. And, it leaves us open to focus on what we can control—ourselves. We can always control our thoughts and actions. We can choose to think thoughts that work for us. It’s a great power that we under-utilize. We often don’t consider alternate thoughts—thoughts that would DRASTICALLY affect the way we feel and behave.

The next time something goes a different way than you’d like, take the time to use your power to adjust your thinking and take actions that will best serve you 😊

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