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Want to Make a Change? Stop Waiting.

Have you been trying to find something or someone to change your life, make you feel more fulfilled, valuable, inspired?

"Everything you need to be great is already inside you. Stop waiting for someone or something to light your fire. You have the match." - Darren Hardy

This truth—that I have the power to make my life great—has been one of my most life-changing lessons. Before I realized this was true, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what would excite me and make me truly happy. I changed schools, relationships, homes, jobs—all in an effort to change the way I felt about my life. While changing those external things may have made me happier for a short time, that happiness didn’t last.

So many people tell me they feel “stuck”. They want more out of their lives. They want to feel more excited, fulfilled, motivated, inspired, loving, happy… And, they want to know what (or whom) they should change to feel that way. I’ve been there.

It’s our natural instinct to look outside ourselves for things we can change or obtain to make us feel better. But, not only is it very difficult / impossible to change other people or situations, it’s WAY easier and more effective to look inside.

Change your focus. YOU have the match. It’s time to light up your life! 😊

Have a great weekend.

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