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Looking for Approval

As children, we’re taught to do things to get approval—from our parents, teachers, coaches.

We instinctually look for approval from our peers & co-workers.

We want to fit in.

We want to be liked & respected.

While the desire for approval may get children to do as they are told, it can keep us from pursuing our dreams, speaking our minds, & being our true selves.

Very frequently, people tell me that they are worried about what other people will think about them if they do something.

Ask yourself if you’re willing to hold yourself back from:

Achieving your goals.

Helping others.

Becoming greater.

Championing a cause.

Sharing your opinions.

Because of what someone MIGHT think.

Is it really worth it?

People spend most of their time concerned with their OWN issues & what they have to do—not with thinking about you & what you’re doing.

So, give yourself approval to put yourself “out there”.

To express yourself.

Try something new

Go for what you want.

Really, your approval should be the only one you need to live the life you want.

Imagine the freedom you’ll feel & the possibilities that await you if you just follow your heart without worrying about what other people will think.

You’ll feel a weight lifted when you get out from the burden of worry.

You’ll feel freer.

And, you just may wind up living the life of your dreams.

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