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So Many Choices

Recently I read The Midnight Library, which is based on the “Sliding Doors” concept. It explores all the different ways someone’s life could have gone. I’ve always been fascinated by that.

Thinking about all the choices I’ve made that led me to precisely where I am now.

And all the different choices I could have made & where they would have led me.

The infinite possibilities.

Big choices like where I went to college.

What career(s) I chose.

Who I married.

Where we live.

To not have kids.

And little, everyday choices that I don’t give much weight to, but do make a big impact.

If I spend an hour on my business versus spending time on social media.

If I look up from my phone & show interest in my husband when he’s talking to me.

If I tell myself that I can do the things I want to do, even though I’m scared.

If I make myself do the things I’m not excited about but will get me the results I want.

Even though I’m feeling old & like I’m deeply settled into my life now, I know there are infinite possibilities for what can happen in the future.

I may feel like it’s too late to change.

Or to make the impact I want.

But I know there are things ahead of me I’m not even imagining.

What about you?

It’s not too late.

You can still make a change.

Start a new career.

Lose the weight.

Take control of your drinking.

Fall back in love.

Feel fulfilled.

It’s all available to you.

You get to choose.

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